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Wanna get the most out of CamVault? Check the special features of our Premium Accounts, record any model you want, even unpopular ones, stream directly from our website without limits, direct video downloads from our servers and more, check it out below.

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In simple words, you give us a model name and a cam site and we record everything for you, from start to end, male, female, couple or trans, doesn't matter!. Our system will check the model status all the day long, and once he/she/they goes online, we will start recording the stream JUST for you.

Does not matter if it's a model with low popularity, or if rarely goes online, we will record no matter what, also, this feature is not restricted to females, you can record guys, couples or transexuals, as long as you got a name!

The recorded videos from your watched models will only be available for you, that means, nobody else can watch the video, and of course, forget about deleted videos due to copyright claims, since again, only you can watch it, they won't be on the public, ever.

The videos will be stored at your account and you can watch or download them from your members area, directly from our servers! You can also set filters to avoid saving videos if they're smaller than a specified duration amongst other things.

With a premium account you get unlimited streaming bandwidth, do not worry about running out of bandwidth in the middle of a "Happy Session", no more annoying out of quota popups!

We offer an awesome deal to download all of our videos since they're hosted at MEGA, one of the best free hosts that exists at the moment, MEGA is fast and free!

However, sometimes you can run out of download bandwidth at mega, forcing you to either wait a specific time or to purchase a MEGA subscription, here at CamVault we offer you the ability to download all of our videos directly from our servers, without limits, and as fast as it can get.

Expect download speeds up to 400mbit/s (Varies based on current bandwidth use), all of our servers are equiped with full gigabit ports, so we have a good pipe to the internet so you can drink from it as fast as you can!.

By registering an account you get access to some good features, like video comments, likes and the most useful thing, a list of your favourite models and all of their latest videos!

That thing is awesome, but, what is even more awesome, is if we could notify you every time that your MOST favourite model has just been recorded!. With a premium account you can get notified by email each time that a new video from one of your followed models is uploaded.

The same happens with the On-Demand feature, every time a new model has been recorded just for you, we will let you know via email

Of course all of this can be configured, you can disable all the emails completely, or you can receive a new email each time that a new video is uploaded, or if you don't want to get flooed, you can set so only the first notification is sent for that model, until you log in again to our website, this way you can prevent your inbox to get filled with several videos of the same model.

This one is simple, right now we run ads to support the cost of running the website and all of the recording system, however, with a Premium Account you're already supporting us so we will disable all the ads on our website, enjoy ad-free browsing!